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A fat man has a knife driven through his hand into a bar where he is choked to death slowly while his eyes bulge like Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Total Recall'
A ridiculously whimsical sterotypical ghetto grandma tells a trying-to-hard white man not to worry about the vase he's about to break
His head is shoved into a toilet by would-be debt collectors who destroyed his rug, the protagonist suggests that perhaps he should take another look
Luke Skywalker proceeds to fight with a red lightsaber and punch the title characters of the film in the balls repeatedly
Steve Buscemi sits at the bottom of an empty pool and has the creepiest tea party ever with a little girl
After giving up on his 'Hide behind the glass' plan, the main character uses a suicide 'nade plan
Gary Oldman plays a rasta gangster bad guy with dreads and blinged out teeth that talks jive for a five minute speech only to die shortly afterwards
In one of many Mel Gibson movies driven by the plotline 'You killed someone in my family, time to pay,' Gibson slaughters like 20 guys in front of his kids with a hatchet
In this scene we are supposed to believe that Tom Hanks is faster than a bunch of black guys when he outruns a slew of them on his way to a touchdown
Bruce Willis realizes that taking your socks off and curling your toes while rubbing them on the carpet helps jetlag
Kathy Bates tells her son who plays someone just a little mentally challenged (a frequent role for this title actor) that foosball is the devil
In a masterful scene of colorful dialogue the same guy who gave us good vibrations in the 90's explains to Alec Baldwin that his mother is tired from **** his father
Ving Rhames has a sex toy in his mouth. I'd say more but, seriously, find another movie that happens in.
John Goodman plays an eyepatched preacher who hustles George Clooney and Co.
Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington fail miserably attempting Shakespearean dialogue
Kevin Spacey walks with a limp...or does he?
Joe Pesci wants to know why he's funny as well as if he's funny like a clown
Robert Duvall likes the smell of napalm in the morning, as well as surfing at an LZ in Vietnam
Bill Murray wakes up every morning to Sonny & Cher
Billy Crystal tells the main characters to have fun storming the castle
Everyone's watching Jim Carrey as he looks up in the sky and replies, 'In case I don't see you, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night'
Christian Bale wants to kill Jared Leto for his perfect business card among other things
Edward Norton tells Helena Bonham Carter she can have intestinal parasites so long as she gives him testicular cancer

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