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Peter Pettigrew and Minerva McGonagall are examples of this:A
The History of Magic professor (last name):B
Professors placed by Voldemort into Hogwarts (last names):C
The school of Viktor Krum:D
The Weasleys' old owl:E
Hufflepuff ghost:F
Harry's birth town:G
Neville's favorite subject:H
One of the Deathly Hallows:I
Sirius Black's best friend (first name):J
Where Borgin & Burke's is located:K
The 'mind reading' branch of magic:L
The plant that can un-Petrify people:M
Filch's cat:N
The incantation for a Memory Charm:O
Someone who can talk to snakes:P
Rita Skeeter's tool for writing:Q
Say this to get rid of a Boggart:R
The street Snape lives on:S
Neville's toad:T
Hagrid's wand is hidden in a pink....U
The potion that makes you tell the truth:V
House-Elf who was 'given clothes' by Barty Crouch:W
Luna's father (first name):X
Lord Vol... Oops, I mean _________:Y
Slytherin member of the Slug Club (last name):Z
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