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Can you name the The Maneater History Quiz — Can you name the things that make up the history of MU's newspaper?

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Test your Maneater IQ. AnswerHint
Year of founding
Name of founder and first editor-in-chief
Name of previous student newspaper (before it was renamed 'The Maneater')
First words of first article in The ManeaterSee answer to previous question for hint.
Name of the fraternity that managed the paper before it was renamed 'The Maneater'The fraternity's still active in Greek Life.
Official motto
Motto for MOVE, The Maneater's weekly entertainment magazine
Item often lit on fire and thrown out The Maneater's office windows in the 60s and 70sYou'll no longer find these in the newsroom.
Name of traditional unaffiliated festivity
Name of unofficial grammar-related mascotYou may have seen him in the newsroom and not realized it.
Test your Maneater IQ. AnswerHint
MOVE Magazine's unofficial mascot He doesn't show his face too often anymore.
Nickname for apartment complex that has housed several editorsThe complex is near the J school.
Cost of one issue of The Maneater before it was free
Length of a term for the editor-in-chief and managing editor
Location of newsroom until fall 2008
Location of newsroom from fall 2008-fall 2009
Location of newsroom from fall 2009-fall 2010
Location of newsroom starting in spring 2011
Name of frequent post-Friday-workshop hang out spotLocated on Ninth Street.
Traditional color

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