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Can you name the the state from the name of its leader on January 19, 1871?

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Pedro IIEmperor
Abdülaziz I Sultan
Tongzhi/CixiEmperor and Dowager Empress, respectively
Trinley GyatsoDalai Lama
Sir Johannes Henricus BrandState President
José María MedinaPresident
Christian IXKing
Nissage SagetPresident
Leopold IIKing
Victoria I/ Benjamin Disraeli Queen and Prime Minister, respectively
Amadeo IKing
Wilhelm I / Otto von BismarckEmperor and Chancellor, respectively
Sher Ali KhanEmir
Meiji (Mutsuhito)Emperor
Cirilo Antonio RivarolaPresident
Charles XV (Karl XV) King
Alexander IIEmperor
Naser ed-DinShah, Khaqan, Soltane Saheb Qaran
Marthinus Wessel PretoriusPresident
William IIIKing
Gabriel García MorenoPresident
Fernando Guzmán SolórzanoPresident
Kamehameha VKing
Buenaventura BáezPresident
Victor Emmanuel IIKing
Tomás Guardia GutiérrezPresident
Mpande kaSenzangakhonaKing
Antonio Guzmán BlancoPresident
Francisco DueñasPresident
Chulalongkorn (Rama V) King
Benito JuárezPresident
Lorenzo Batlle y GrauPresident
Ulysses S. GrantPresident
Edward James RoyePresident
Milan Obrenović IVPrince
Gojong (Yi Myeong bok)King
José Joaquín Pérez MascayanoPresident
Isma'il PashaKhedive
Vicente Cerna SandovalPresident
Domingo Faustino SarmientoPresident
Luís IKing
Agustín MoralesSupreme Chief of the Revolution (later President)
Nguyễn Dực TôngEmperor
Surendra Bikram ShahKing
José BaltaPresident
Louis Jules Trochu/ Léon GambettaPresident of the Government of National Defense and Minister of the Interior, respectively
Jigme Namgyal Druk Desi
Tekle Giyorgis IIEmperor
Francis Joseph I Emperor
Karl Schenk President of the Confederation
Manuel Murillo ToroPresident
Nicholas IPrince
George IKing
Ranavalona II Queen

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