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Can you name the Anime by its Crappy Descriptions?

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Tentacle monster decides against hentai to focus on teachingDamn, tentacles do mad damage.
Boy gets PTSD every time he sees a black cat, proceeds to get even more traumatised by falling in love with a dying violin-playing girlNow I'm in trauma. Great.
Dude tries to manage a furry-themed amusement parkNever thought 50-cent could look so hot.
Dude in fantasy world gets betrayed and becomes ultra-edgy, decides to recruit a haremDude's hair also turns white AND he gets an eye-patch.
A vampire gets his mouth stapled by crab, hilarity ensuesToothbrush scene.
Obnoxious dude has a cuckoo albino girlfriend and blood manipulating abilitiesHe screeches every five minutes.
Instead of joining gay Swedish pop band, boy ends up becoming a hard-core rocker'KRAUSER IS RAPING TOKYO TOWER!'
Kid with daddy issues gives up his sick sword-arms for real armsParty ain't over just yet.
Two brother have flame-wielding abilities: one kicks fire, the other... stops time?Literally fighting fire with fire.
Zombies and titsI mean, f*ck physics.
Gangster adopts weird time-traveller and stops being gangsterWho knew comedy could be this wholesome.
Guy finds hardest way possible to dye his hair whiteProbably the anime you were thinking of at #4.
Dumbass makes things complicated by not writing his name when explicitly asked toAlso, drinking sake bends space-time.
A 12 episode debate on why people should socialiseStudio Trigger swings and misses.
Entity named 'Balloon Vine' forces character development on a group of fiveNot to be confused with Angel Beats.
Prepubescent couple explore giant hole, hilarity ensuresBorderline child porn.
Girl sends letter back in time to stop suicidal teen from suicidingBittersweet.
Naked plus-sized men trample blade-wielding midget freaksDa Da Da Da Da Daaa Da Da Da Da Da Daaa...
School ruled by feminists employs five girls with katanas who force dudes to act like girlsMeanwhile the MC be building his harem.
Man with split personality disorder, keeps talking to himself on his phoneE_, P__, C______
Man's sentient hand wants to jack him off, but at least it doesn't want to eat other peopleJapanese Venom.
A man is wrongfully accused of rape, so he buys a slaveAlso satisfies your innate furry desires.
Dead Japanese man rejects a sexy maidTalk about bad decisions.
Two boys spend an evening violating the laws of nature with their mother's corpseWoof.
Girl attempts to justify bunny outfit using puberty as an excusePfft, 'puberty syndrome' my ass.
Dev team forgets to include 'log-out' button, leaves spectacled man anxiousNot SAO.
Boy develops raging head bonerGuitars never seemed so badass in my life.
Orphans live in paradise until they reach the age of 12Isabelle really gotta do us like that?
A scantily-clad girl looks for a scissor bladeStudio Trigger swings and hits.
A high school boy is constantly forced to choose between two ridiculous acts by an unknown being1. Answer wrongly; 2. Don't answer at all

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