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The controversial mercantilism is similar to the controversial system of ________ (ex. The Louisiana Purchase under President Thomas Jefferson)
The hatred toward the Indians in earlier times can be connected to ___ _____ __ ____ under President Andrew Jackson.
The Encomienda System foreshadowed this later staple of American life in the 18th and 19th centuries.
New England vs. Chesapeake is similar to the 19th century feud between the Antebellum _____ vs. the ____. (enter the two answers with an 'and' in between)
The similarity between the Dawes Severalty Act and the Indian Termination Policy is that both promoted Native American ___________.
In the post-Civil War period, the job opportunities for immigrants were similar to those during (a) the Gold Rush(b) Dawes Act(c) The Smizzoli Treaty(d) The Immigration Act of 1924
Henry George ('Progress and Poverty'- 1879) did not like materialism; neither did this post-war faction (choose one)
Sojourner Truth's activism was later emulated by the (a) NAACP (b) CCC (c) House of Representatives (d) NWP
The support of European countries toward the Union during the Civil War was similar to how _____ supported the colonies in the American Revolutionary War.
Rachel Carson, author of _____ _____ (1962), would have hated to see the erosion in soil caused by Westward expansion in the 1870s.
The addition of Texas in 1845 is similar to the addition of _____ in the 1950s.
The resentment of Republican Americans toward immigrants because they tended to vote Democratic (19th c.), along with other grievances, would eventually lead to ______ _____.
James Buchanan's ineffective, preventative _____ ___ policies were similar to Herbert Hoover's ineffective, preventative _____ ______ policies.
Railroad construction during period 5 (1844-1877) was similar to the expansion of the ____ ______ ______ during the Eisenhower presidency.
The internal improvements during period 5 (1844-1877) and the interstate highway system would have been supported by Henry Clay's _____ ______ (1815).
Although the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution completely overlooked it, women were finally given the right to vote in [the] _____, with the 19th amendment.
Shays' Rebellion, Bacon's Rebellion, and the ____ _____, under George Washington, revealed lingering resentment on the part of farmers toward the elite.
Shays' Rebellion went badly, due to the weak ______ ____ _____, whereas the Whiskey Rebellion was handled efficiently because of the Constitution.
Gabriel Prosser’s 1800 slave revolt & plan to march on Richmond, VA is comparable to the 1960s-era march on ______.
The evangelical revivals associated with the _____ _______ ______ (18th c.) gave birth to the movements of feminism and abolition.
The discovery of ____ during the period 1800-1844 would later lead to the ____ ____.
Many slaves fled to the North via the Underground Railroad, as many blacks later fled to the North in search of jobs during the _____ ______
While many blacks moved to urban places in the post-WWII society, the whites moved to the _____.
The _______ of post-WWII society are similar to the suburban housing today.
The ____ ____ (1846) attempted to ban slavery in war territory, just like the Emancipation Proclamation (1863) did.
The Panic of 1863 can be linked to the 1920s ______ _____.
The improvements in transportation through 1800-1844 culminated in the invention of the __________ in the late 1800s-early 1900s.
The sinking of the Lusitania (1915), which was instigated by Germany, was similar to the Cold War's ____ ______ (1960), which was instigated by the Soviet Union
Unlike the First Red Scare (1919-1920), the Second Red Scare (1947-1957) was focused exclusively on _______.
The Emergency Quota Act and the Immigration Act of 1924 were later repealed by LBJ's ____ ____ of 1965.
The Treaty of____ of 1783 and the ___ Peace Conference of 1919, which resulted in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, were postwar peace measures.
Japanese internment camps during WWII were similar to the Civil War's suspension of _____ _____.

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