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The protagonist describes how her current beau once turned down a girl whose friends had a problem with his loose-fitting attire.
A man describes, repeatedly using an expletive, how he has been wronged by his former squeeze, and does not want to recommence their relationship
A description of the clothing worn by an attractive young lady in a nightclub. The lady has a penchant for slapping her own posteria and dancing close to the ground.
A young lady confesses her enjoyment of a fleeting sapphic encounter.
A Japanese city worker practises martial arts and takes dietary supplements in order to fight several rose-coloured automatons
Adoration and embraces are offered to everyone born between 1980 and 1989.
A woman bemoans her inability to write songs, despite having read the work of romantic poets over urban music. Also, the song features a comic pronounciation of 'hyperbole'
The singer declares his life to be boring and fantasizes about the life of a successful musician
The reasons for gun crime in the black community are explored. The sexual advances of the government are ignored.
A man simply lists his drugs of choice
The singer wishes to spend his girlfriend's cash at a homosexual establishment, and then insert an unspecified object into her.
A young lady bemoans her youthful social awkwardness and repremands people for referring to her by the wrong moniker
We are encouraged to bad mouth the contemporaries of the singer, as they simply wont care about us until we care about them. Both groups are blamed. Simple, really.
Two girls plan to elope, leaving behind their disapproving parents. Each one's words will not leave the other's memory.
The musician claims his genre suffers critically from his absence. He also claims to have a menstrual cycle.
We, the audience, are encouraged to raise our arms in appreciation of a certain Michigan city, beloved of the musican

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