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Traditional English NameLocal NameLanguage
Agincourt (France)French
Aix-la-Chapelle (Germany)German
Antwerp (Belgium)Dutch
Archangel (Russia)Russian
Athens (Greece)Greek
Basle (Switzerland)German
Belgrade (Serbia)Serbo-Croat
Berne (Switzerland)German
Blenheim (Germany)German
Bruges (Belgium)Dutch
Brunswick (Germany)German
Brussels (Belgium)Dutch or French
Bucharest (Romania)Romanian
Cologne (Germany)German
Copenhagen (Denmark)Danish
Corfu (Greece)Greek
Dunkirk (France)French
Elsinore (Denmark)Danish
Florence (Italy)Italian
Geneva (Switzerland)French
Genoa (Italy)Italian
Ghent (Belgium)Dutch
Gothenburg (Sweden)Swedish
Hamelin (Germany)German
Hanover (Germany)German
Kiev (Ukraine)Ukrainian
Constance (Germany)German
Leghorn (Italy)Italian
Lisbon (Portugal)Portuguese
Traditional English NameLocal NameLanguage
Luxembourg (Luxembourg)Luxembourgish
Lyons (France)French
Mantua (Italy)Italian
Marseilles (France)French
Milan (Italy)Italy
Monaco (Monaco)Monegasque
Moscow (Russia)Russian
Munich (Germany)German
Naples (Italy)Italian
Nicosia (Cyprus)Greek
Nuremburg (Germany)German
Oporto (Portugal)Portuguese
Ostend (Belgium)Dutch
Padua (Italy)Italian
Pilsen (Czechia)Czech
Prague (Czechia)Czech
Rheims (France)French
Rome (Italy)Italian
San Sebastian (Spain)Basque
Seville (Spain)Spanish
Sofia (Bulgaria)Bulgarian
Syracuse (Italy)Italian
The Hague (Netherlands)Dutch
Salonica/Thessalonica (Greece)Greek
Tirana (Albania)Albanian
Turin (Italy)Italian
Venice (Italy)Italian
Vienna (Austria)German
Warsaw (Poland)Polish

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