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Long-form name of North American country often confused as its short-form name.
Sea linked to Mediterranean Sea but not considered to be a marginal sea of the Mediterranean by Sporcle.
Island in Caribbean whose international border is often ignored in Sporcle border quizzes.
Fully independent country in Horn of Africa omitted from Sporcle 'Countries of the World'.
Shortest international land-border in South Asia, often ignored in border quizzes (countries or name)
Second largest city in South America excluded from largest Americas' cities due to municipal boundaries.
Geographical continent ignored by Sporcle in favour of a geographical region.
Middle-Eastern nation having limited internal autonomy in some parts if its territory. Treated as a sovereign country by Sporcle.
European capital included in Asian capital quizzes despite being 1,350km outside of Asia.
Abbreviated form of Lesser Antilles' country allowed as correct answer while St Kitts & Nevis has to be written in full.
Two dialects of this major Indian Sub-Continent language are often mistaken for separate languages.
European country whose overseas Special Collectivities are often omitted from Sporcle quizzes.
Three word Oceanian country whose initials are not accepted as an acceptable abbreviation by Sporcle.
Asian country close to the coasts of Levant and Asia Minor. Considered to be European by Sporcle.
Caribbean country included in North American quizzes despite being on South American continental shelf only 11km from mainland.
South Slavic language treated as four separate languages by Sporcle despite being mutually comprehensible and sharing 99% + grammar and vocabulary.
Two word country in South East Asia. Second word always omitted by Sporcle.
East Asian peninsula shared by two countries alphabetised by Sporcle by reference to cardinal directions rather than short-form names.
Suffix mistakenly added to some capital cities after whom their countries' were originally named.
South East Asian country incorrectly referred to by Sporcle using its non-English short-form name.
Capital city in Asia Minor. Considered a European capital by Sporcle.
Official capital of Andean country ignored by Sporcle in favour of its administrative capital.
African country alphabetised under C by most reference biooks, but under D by Sporcle.
West African country Sporcle refers to by its French name but most English language sites by its English name.
Country with 98% of territory in North America. Included in largest European country quizzes.
Caspian Sea country omitted from European quizzes despite being 14th largest in area (out of 49)
Body of salt water with no northerly physical boundary. Included in Sporcle ocean quizzes.
Middle-Eastern country included in European quizzes despite 94% of its area and 87% of its population being in Asia.
European overseas region making it South America's 13th largest country but generally omitted from quizzes.
A standard register of the Malay language ofter mistaken for a separate language in Sporcle quizzes.

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