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Period of ExistenceExtinct CountryModern Successor Countries
1005-1815Algeria; Belgium; Cyprus; Egypt; France; Georgia; Greece; Israel; Italy; Lebanon; Libya; Monaco; Morocco; Portugal; Romania; Russia; Spain; Syria; Tunisia; Turkey; Ukraine
697-1797Albania; Austria; Croatia; Cyprus; Egypt; Greece; Israel; Italy; Lebanon; Montenegro; Russia; Slovenia; Syria; Tunisia; Turkey; Ukraine
929-1031Gibraltar; Morocco; Spain; Portugal
1569-1795Belarus; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova; Poland; Russia; Slovakia; Ukraine
1922-1991Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Estonia; Georgia; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova; Russia; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan
870-1867Austria; Czech Republic; Germany; Hungary; Poland; Slovakia
1918-1992Czech Republic; Slovakia
1003-1860France; Italy; Switzerland
962-1806Austria; Belgiium; Czech Republic; Croatia; France; Germany; Italy; Latvia; Leichtenstein; Luxembourg; Monaco; Netherlands; Poland; San Marino; Slovenia; Switzerland; Vatican City
5th-11thCUnited Kingdom
1395-1797Italy; Switzerland
1032-1477Belgium; France; Germany, Luxembourg; Netherlands; Switzerland
958-1037Cyprus; Egypt; Israel; Italy; Lebanon; Syria; Tunisia; Turkey
1035-1715France; Greece; Italy; Monaco; Spain
1136-1478Finland; Russia
1360-1516Montenegro; Serbia
c.843-1707United Kingdom
1947-1954Italy; Slovenia
409-1230Portugal; Spain
1216-1277United Kingdom
527-918United Kingdom
Period of ExistenceExtinct CountryModern Successor Countries
1358–1807Bosnia & Herzegovina; Croatia; Montenegro
c.927-1707United Kingdom
1918-1992Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatia; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Serbia; Slovenia
1299-1923Albania; Algeria; Algeria; Azerbaijan; Bahrain; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Chad; Croatia; Cyprus; Djibouti; Egypt; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Georgia; Greece; Hungary; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kosovo; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Macedonia; Moldova; Montenegro; Oman; Palestine; Qatar; Romania; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Somalia; South Sudan; Sudan; Syria; Tunisia; Turkey; Uganda; United Arab Emirates; Ukraine; Yemen
824-1620France; Spain
980-1795Belgium; France; Germany; Netherlands
c.465-1201Ireland; United Kingdom
1238-1492Gibraltar; Morocco; Spain
1525-1871Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; France; Germany; Lithuania; Poland; Swizerland
519-c.927United Kingdom
5thC-843Andorra; Austria; Belgium; Croatia; Czech Republic; France; Germany; Hungary; Italy; Liechtenstein; Luxembourg; Monaco; Netherlands; Poland; Russia; San Marino; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Switzerland; Vatican City
11thC-1406Algeria; Egypt; France; Israel; Italy; Lebanon; Russia; Spain; Syria; Tunisia; Turkey
1992-2006Kosovo; Montenegro; Serbia
1037-1230Gibraltar; Morocco; Spain
1814-1866Germany; Netherlands
1814-1905Norway; Sweden
1918Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia
1867-1918Albania; Austria; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Croatia; Czech Republic; Hungary; Italy; Montenegro; Kosovo; Poland; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Ukraine
910-1230Portugal; Spain
754-1870France; Italy; San Marino; Vatican City
1330-1417Moldova; Romania; Ukraine

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