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CountryPrevious CapitalPresent Capital
Afghanistan1772 Kabul
Albania1920 Tirana (Tirane)
Australia1908 Canberra
Belize1970 Belmopan
Brazil1960 Brasilia
Burma (Myanmar)2005 Naypyidaw
Canada1857 Ottawa
China1949 Beijing (Peking)
England1066 London
Ethiopia1890s Addis Ababa
Finland1812 Helsinki
France900 & 1944 Paris
Germany1871 & 1990 Berlin
India1931 New Delhi
Ireland1171 Dublin
Israel1948 (West) Jerusalem
Italy1871 Rome (Roma)
Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)1983 Yamoussoukro
Jamaica1872 Kingston
Japan1868 Tokyo
Kazakhstan1998 Astana
CountryPrevious CapitalPresent Capital
Lithuania1940 Vilnius
Montenegro1946 Podgorica
Morocco1912 Rabat
New Zealand1865 Wellington
Nigeria1976 Abuja
Norway1299 Oslo (Christiania)
Pakistan1967 Islamabad
Palau2007 Melekeok
Philippines1976 Manila
Poland1596 Warsaw (Warszawa)
Portugal1255 Lisbon (Lisboa)
Russia1918 Moscow
Scotland1452 Edinburgh
Spain1561 & 1606 Madrid
Sri Lanka1982 Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
Sweden1436 Stockholm
Tanzania1996 Dodoma
Turkey1923 Ankara
Uganda1962 Kampala
United States1800 Washington
Wales1955 Cardiff

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