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Can you name the Famous People who were Deaf, Dumb or Blind?

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Dates/AchievementsFamous PersonDisability
1847-1931 US Scientist, Inventor & EntrepreneurAcute hearing loss from youth
1870-1949 US Democratic SenatorBlind from childhood
1880-1968 US female philanthropistDeaf and blind, mute in early years
1606-1674 English Poet and Author of Paradise LostBlind in last 22 years of life
1862-1961 US Baseball Icon (Reds & White Sox)Deaf from aged 3
1809-1852 French creater of blind writing systemBlind from childhood accident
1898-1959 US Blues guitarist & Singer Inspired Dylan songBlind from birth
1950- US Singer Songwriter & Human Rights ActivistBlind from shortly after birth
1862-1934 British Composer of A Song of SummerBlinded by Syphilis
1930-2005 US Pianist, Singer & SongwriterBlind from childhood glaucoma
1965- US Best Actress Academy Award winner aged 21Deaf since 18 months old
1923- British comedy writer and actor directed 'The Plank'Acute hearing loss
1564-1642 Italian Physicist, Mathematician, Astronomer & PhilosopherEyesight failed in latter years resulting in blindness
Dates/AchievementsFamous PersonDisability
1899-1986 Argentine Author of Ficciones & The AlephBlind towards end of career
1947- British Politician and Former Home SecretaryBlind from birth
1770-1827 German composer of the Eroica SymphonyAcute deafness in later life
1746-1828 Spanish painter of MajaDeaf for last 36 years of life
1958- Italian operatic tenorBlind from football accident
1685-1750 German Composer of the Brandenburg ConcertosTotal blindness in later life
1926-2010 Canadian Comedy film actorLegally deaf
1860-1935 US SculptorDeaf from childhood
1901-1999 Spanish composer of Concierto de AranjuezNear blind from early age
Fictional Hero of Rock OperaDeaf, dumb and blind
1820-1913 US Controller of the Underground RailroadSevere sight impairment from head wound
c.9thC BC Greek Author of the Odyssey & IlliadBlind according to legend

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