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What NFL team has won more championships than any other team?
What team has won more Super Bowls than any other team?
What two teams have been to the playoffs more than any other team?
What team had the longest playoff victory drought in NFL history?
What coach has won more games than any other coach?
Where do the Indianapolis Colts play today?
Where did the Philadelphia Eagles play home games in 1960?
Who is the youngest person to be inducted in the Hall of Fame?
Who is the youngest person to grace the Madden cover?
What university was the inspiration for the Rams nickname?
What kicker made 8 field goals in one game, an NFL record?
Who has more interceptions than anyone in NFL history?
How many teams have not retired a number?
What city has seen two of their teams suffer the largest single-season win dropoff?
In the 1930's, the Gunners played in what city?
Who is the only left handed quarterback in the Hall of Fame?
Where was the coldest Super Bowl played?
On 'The Drive,' how many yards was Elway responsible for?
What is the only franchise to score 3 touchdowns in a minute?
What year was it the last time the Washington Redskins shut out an opponent?
Who is the current NFL ironman?
Who was the first NFL player to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
Who did he play for?
What is the only 0-4 team to eventually make the playoffs?
What rookie has the highest passer rating in NFL history?
Who is the only undefeated quarterback in NFL history to start multiple games?
What team has the best home winning percentage since 1970?
What team has the best road winning percentage since 1970?
What franchise has the largest season ticket waiting list?
Ernie Nevers had 40 points in a game, the oldest NFL record that still stands. When did it happen?
What Los Angeles Raiders player later appeared in Rocky and Happy Gilmore?
Who had the most receptions in a single NFL season?
What team had the longest losing streak in NFL history?
Who is the only player to appear in 10 straight NFL championship games?
What was the fastest touchdown in Super Bowl history?
What team has had the first overall pick more times than any other team?
How many teams has J.T. O'Sullivan played for?
When was the last time there was a scoreless tie in the NFL?
What is the NFL record for total touchdowns in a single game?
There has not been a white cornerback in the NFL since 2003. Who was he?

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