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Hamiltonian Fiscal Policies
Judiciary Act of 1789
Citizen Genet Affair: 1793
Convention of Mortefontaine
Adoption of Bill of Rights
Kentucky and Virginia Resolution: 1798
Jay Treaty (1794-1795)
First pres. to live in White House
Moved federal offices to DC
British Orders of Council
Pinckeney Treaty: 1802
Louisiana Purchase: April 13, 1803
Naturalization Act: 1802
Naturalization Act: 1798
Tariff of 1789
John Marshall appointed to Chief Justice
Embargo Act of 1807
French Revolution
French Revolution
Judiciary Act of 1801 + 'Midnight Judges' Scandal
Whiskey Rebellion: 1794
Marbury v. Madison: 1803
Conspiracies of Aaron Burr
Pinckney Treaty: 1795
Alien + Sedition Acts: 1798
Proclamation of Neutrality: 1793
Lewis and Clark: 1804-1805
XYZ Affair: 1797
Barbary Pirates (1801-1805)
Farewell Address: 1796
Non-Intercourse Act of 1809
12th Amendment ratified
Impeachment Proceedings: 1804

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