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a collection of items
a group of objects
an arrangement for a scene in a play
a matching collection
a becoming hard or firm in consistency
the position or attitude of a limb
tendency; inclination
sideways deflection in opposite directions of the alternate teeth of a saw
a company or group with common habits, occupation, interests, etc.
a prescribed collection of points, numbers, or other objects that satisfy a given condition
firm or hard in consistency
fixed; motionless; rigid; immovable
ready to begin some action or activity
deliberate; intentional; purposeful
to grow together; mend: said of a broken bone
to begin to move, travel, etc.
to fix (the amount of a price, fine, etc.)
to allot or assign (a task, lesson, etc.) for work or study
to fix a time for (an event)
to place in a position of authority
to point, direct, or face as specified
to mount, embed, or fix (gems) in rings, bracelets, etc.
to put or press into a fixed or rigid position
to arrange (a table) with knives, forks, plates, etc. for a meal
to bring (something) into contact with something else

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