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Can you name the Psychopaths from the original Dead Rising?

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Forced Order
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Long Haired Punk(Name of Psychopath), Mindy Baker, Debbie Willett
Overtime Mode
Prisoners (CTYD)Sophie Richards
The Butcher
Backup for Brad, Rescue the Professor, Bomb Collector
The Gun Shop (CTYD)
The Hatchet ManJosh Manning, Barbara Patterson, Rich Atkins
Girl Hunting
Mark of the SniperWayne Blackwell
Above the LawKay Nelson, Lilly Deacon, Kelly Carpenter, Janet Star
Medicine Run
A Strange GroupRay Mathison, Nathan Crabbe, Michelle Feltz, Beth Shrake, Cheryl Jones
Out of ControlGreg Simpson
Photographer's PrideTad Hawthorne

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