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What was the war ranging from 1945-1991?
Who were the main opponents of the Cold War?
Who was the US president at the beginning of the Cold War?
Who was the Soviet leader at the beginning of the Cold War?
What cut off supplies and other things from West Berlin?
What was the USA's foreign policy during the Cold War?
Which proxy war was fought first, from June 25th, 1950- July 27, 1953?
Which side of Korea did the USA fight with during the Korean War?
Which proxy war was fought second, from November 1st, 1955- April 30th, 1975?
What economic system is based on the idea that farms and business should be owned by the government?
What economic system is based on the idea that businesses should be privately owned?
What economic system is when every person works together toward one common goal?
What brought supplies to people 'trappped' in West Berlin?
Which side of Germany did the USSR control?
Which side of Germany was democratic?
Who was the communist leader of China?
Who started the communist revolution in Cuba?
Which leader of the Soviet Union reformed communism?
Which US president asked Mr. Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall?
Which treaty banned all nuclear explosions, for civilian or military purposes?
What does the acronym MAD stand for?
What term means the amount of radioactive material that makes its way to the atmosphere after a nuclear explosion?

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