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Can you name the popular 90s songs when made lyrically verbose?

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Fastball: The group completed their decision making and proceeded to gather their belongings
Matchbox Twenty: A female aquantence of mine claims that the temperature is low in the exerior of the abode. She suggests that it may be wise to don water-proofing outerwear
Barenaked Ladies: There has been a quarter-month since you set eyes on me, turned your cranium slightly and claimed your fury.
R.E.M.: There I am at the intersection of two walls, there I am standing in the bright stage focus, misplacing that which spiritually guides me.
Smashing Pumpkins: Without any relation to my quantities of anger, I continue to be an unwelcomed pest enclosed against my will.
Weezer: Please state that this isn't true. Your pharmaceutical supplies are devestating to the cardiac muscle.
3 Doors Down: Should I become mad, are you going to continue refering to me as a hero?
Britney Spears: I must make clear what was unknown: I continue to have faith. Without your presence I will surely enter an asylum. Grant me some symbol.
Goo Goo Dolls: I would surrender the possesion of an indefinite period of time, in order to initiate contact with your person.
Blues Traveler: Similarly to a person competing in a contest televised for entertainment who is given some compensation before leaving, that which I saw was unfathomable.
Semisonic: It is time to cease operations for the night, proceed to make the exits available for use, and permit you to venture forth.
Sarah McLachlan: Held by the appendages of a celestial being, go and travel by air to a place that is different from your current location.

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