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Forced Order
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Country Info
Official name 
Type of government 
Year of independence from Japan 
Date of national holiday of independence 
Administered by this nation following WWII 
Major Political Party 
First Leader 
Current Leader 
Predicted next leader 
Chairman of the Presidium 
Current leader's first son 
Current leader's second son 
Population (nearest million) 
River along Northern border 
Bay to the Northwest 
Sea to the Southwest 
Sea to the East 
Capital city 
Primary religion/ideology 
Foreign Relations
Biggest trading partner 
Still at war with this neighbor 
Third neighbor that has had mixed relations 
US interests there are represented by this country 
Abductions of this nation's citizens dogs relations 
Six party talks aim to stem the development of... 
Captured US Navy ship docked in Pyongyang 
Six Party Talks Participants (Alphabetical Order)
Relations With South Korea
Nations are divided by this zone 
Following approximately this line of lattitude 
Only place where North and South Forces meet 
Bridge famous for prisoner exchanges 
North Korean propaganda village inside DMZ 
South Korean village inside DMZ 
Joint economic project 
The 2010 sinking of this ship inflamed tensions 

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