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Can you name the following entities in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+?

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Will constantly try to evade Isaac by moving away from him. Spawns a smoking black ball that chases Isaac and can be destroyed. Creates and jumps into a pit and pops up elsewhere
Upon use, 50% of the time, drops a coin
Isaac uses a shield to block shots. The shield stays in the same direction until Isaac fires in another direction
The basic currency of the game
Appears to be a miniature The Duke of Flies. It bounces around the room diagonally, occasionally spitting out 1-2 Dart Flies
Grants half a red heart each time a key is used. Turns half red hearts on the ground into full red hearts
Upon use creates a protective shield nullifying all types of damage for 10 seconds
It is a poop-related form of Dingle, but is far bigger than him and when beaten, he transforms into Dangle, a corny variant of Dingle
Upon use Isaac releases gas that slightly damages and poisons any enemies within close range
Isaac holds a spear in front of him that deals 2 times his tear damage to enemies. The spear occasionally inflicts fear on enemies it damages
Reveals all special rooms on the map, excluding secret rooms and super secret rooms
Turns all pickups and chests in the room into keys
Increases damage by 0.2 for each empty red heart container Isaac has. Half-full heart containers do not increase damage
Isaac's tears gain a random worm trinket effect that changes every 3 seconds
Spawns a decoy Isaac that distracts enemies and explodes after a short while for 110 damage
Isaac's tears are replaced with laser rings. Shots can be charged to increase the size of the rings. Only the outer circumference of the rings will deal damage
Adds a chance to fire tears that bounce off of enemies and obstacles
Opens all doors in the current room, similar to the Dad's Key effect
Tears have a 1/6 chance of spawning allied blue flies when they hit an enemy. This item belongs to the Beelzebub set
Grants a shadow familiar that follows Isaac's movements on a 1 second delay and deals 2 contact damage per tick to enemies
Upon use, it petrifies all enemies in the current room for approximately 4 seconds
Drops 2 full red hearts. If used in a black heart or eternal heart-containing Super Secret Room, it will spawn those types of hearts instead
Whenever Isaac takes damage, a black ring briefly appears around Isaac, dealing damage to all nearby enemies
Increases the size and doubles damage of familiars
Enemies that touch Isaac are turned into Poop
Replaces the character's right eye tears with an unlimited range piercing laser which fires continuously. x0.65 Damage multiplier
Upon entering a room with enemies, spawns a Yellow Locust that deals double Isaac's damage and slows enemies
Combined with Key Piece 2, unlocks the golden gate in the starting room of The Chest and Dark Room to fight Mega Satan. Increases the chance of finding an Angel Room
The set of items that can be generated under a given circumstance
Adds a chance for poop to turn into black poop

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