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Forced Order
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The ___ was forged in Mt. Doom
By _______
Who was a _____
Related to the gods, or _____
Created by _________
Also called __________
Who caused the sea to swallow ____________
Which is the main region in the book _________
Which is the account of the jewels called ________
Created by ______
In the land of ________
From the light of the two __________
A descendant of which would be the sigil of _______
Which, in The Lord of The Rings is stewarded by _______
Who favors his son _________
Who is killed by ________
That were created by ________
Who abides in the tower of ________
With Grima ________
Who is controlling the king of Rohan, _______
Who's niece is _________
Who falls in love with ________
Who really loves ________
Daughter of _______
Lord of ________
Where the ______ is created during the council of Elrond
Which surprisingly is led by the Hobbit, _____
Cousin of ________
Who fought the dragon _______
Who had taken over _______
Where Bilbo traveled with 13 Dwarves and the wizard _______
Who set off fireworks in the town of _______
In the _____
Which is the home of the race of ______
Who, even when you think you know everything about them, are still full of______

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