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Jim replaces Creed's apple with what?
After leaving the Scranton branch, Karen becomes regional manager at what Dunder Mifflin branch?
Michael claims that he is not superstitious, but is what?
Dunder Mifflin CEO David Wallace lives in what Connecticut town?
Where do Pam and Jim get married?
What is the name of Creed's blog?
Jim puts Dwight's stapler in what?
What is the name of the presenter in 'Diversity Day'?
At a company picnic, Michael reveals that this branch is closing.
What does Dwight create within Second Life to 'further remove himself from reality'?
Who does Michael force to take credit for the golden ticket idea?
What is Dwight's middle name?
What is Michael's middle name?
Which two employees are Presbyterian?
What is the name of the paper company Michael establishes after leaving Dunder Mifflin?
In 'Fun Run', Creed is revealed to be how old? (Hint: It's over 75)
Where did Michael buy his world's best boss mug?
What is the name of the IT guy who leaves because no one can remember his name?
In response to Dwight's 'Mega Desk', Jim rearranges the desks and gives it what name?
After Ryan announces the company's intentions to launch a new website, Michael tries win back old clients using what?
What is the name of the purse saleswoman?
Sabre is headquartered in what city?
Where does the premier of the local ad take place?
How much does Michael pledge for Oscar's nephew's walkathon?
Who does Michael take to Sandals?
Who went to high school with Phyllis?
Many people in the office are upset when Michael orders pizzas from this restaurant instead of Alfredo's Pizza.
What is Andy's ringtone?
In 'Basketball', who does Michael refer to as 'secret weapon'?
Michael's GPS causes him to drive his car into what?
In 'The Alliance', Dwight hides in what?
What holiday does Kelly invite everyone to celebrate with her?
Employees at the Stamford branch often play what video game?
What does Jim move to demonstrate his telekinetic abilities to Dwight?
After resigning from his job at Dunder Mifflin, Dwight takes a job where?
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