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Urban Dictionary DefinitionState
about 7/8 of the state is desert wasteland;
A great Midwestern state that represents The North, the South, and the Midwest all in one.
The only state that Russia truely feared during the cold war.
A state that is grossly oversterotyped
Home of the everlasting cloud cover.
A state which, contrary to popular belief, contains many very intelligant people as well as a large number of excellent musicians, actors, and many other types of people.
A state that consumes more alcohol and has a higher people-to-bar ratio then any other state in the country.
The one of the cleanest and beautiful, yet cheapest states with neatly decorated highways and new smooth pavement.
The 2nd smallest state, but the coolest, proves that the best thing come in small packages.
a very pretty and diverse state, with erratic weather and generally friendly people.
State in the U.S. founded in 1876 located in the Rocky Mountain region.
A warm souhern state in the US with good food and nice, friendly people.
State with the best basketball teams in the country.
The state that is shaped like a boxing glove.
The best state in the country to live in if you want to avoid natural disasters and horrible weather.
The 34th state admitted into the United States of America. Known for wheat, brilliant skies, and flat lands.
topographically, the state is half in the midwest and half in the great plains
A state that most other states seem to hate on, particularly New Jersey, California and Massechusetts.
The land of forests and very clean cities where half of the citizens have never even seen a potato farm.
A state where it takes an hour to get from the beach to the snowcapped mountains.
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home of Joe budden, Bruce Springsteen, Jay and Silent Bob, Bon Jovi and MAD other people.
Western state in the mountainous region, settled by the LDS religion (commonly known as Mormons).
Smack in the middle of our great nation.
The state without car inspections
Urban Dictionary DefinitionState
2 hours from the states that really matter - new york and massachusetts
The state with the biggest identity crisis in America.
A state that quietly grows corn and takes care of its own affairs.
state in the southern US. Best place in the world. Not as much hicks as many may think.
A place where being in the top ten percent of your highschool class is the same as being in the top ten people
A great southern state with wonderful moral and ethical values
The state with the lowest population. Home to towering mountains and spacious plains.
A very beautiful, exciting state in the northwestern region of the United States.
Considered the 'Cross Roads of America.' It is known for basketball, corn, and racing, but is now known for football, running, and other sports as well.
Most dencely populated per square mile state in the northeast.
Smallest state, most out of New Englanders think is an actual Island.
Heaven on earth, the 50th state. A state where the weather is warm year-round.
A state that isn't half as bad as people make it sound. Sure, they have their rednecks, but that only fills a eleventh of the state's popularity.
a unique American state, bordering the Canadian province of Quebec.
The first state is mostly filled with good ol' southern folk.
The Secession State. The Palmetto State. Home of the Revolution.
Where everything is bigger, including the egos.
The most underrated state in the nation. Short drive to the city, to the shore and to the mountains.
10,000 Lakes and 10,000,000,000 Mosquitos.
The Buckle of the Bible Belt in the United States of America
The 49th state in the United States. A great place to live where the crime is low
A hot humid place in the deep south of the United States that has polluted waterways, corrupt politicians, crime and mobsters galore and huricane-devastated cities.
Wonderland. Eden. Serenity. Clean. Natural. Unruined. Green. Peaceful. Dont visit we don't want you.
The state for the newly-wed and the nearly-dead.
Land of one lane bridges, Potholed Roads Going up 800 foot mountains at a 75 degree angle, Amish people, Mountains and awesome scenery.

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