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A decently sized town in Colorado that is about 80 miles south of Colorado's capital, Denver.
The highest incoprated town in all of America. Where rejects begin to live or move to. Where drinking and uselessness is the norm and the women are as hairy as the men.
A burb just west of Denver. Sits under the base of the Rocky Mountains. A great place to live and be from!
A very... unique town in Colorado. Population consists of Left-wingers, weird hippies, Buddhists, old people and hobos.
This small boring suburb of Denver
A small ski town located in routt county in north western colorado....approximatly 3 hours from denver.
Sex Change Capital of the World. At south end of I-25; Population under 10,000.
A sh*t hole, in the San Luis Vally in Colorado. All the girls are **** (so you'll get laid
A getto town located about 150 miles from Denver CO with a bunch of lazy people who only want free stuff. Welfare capital of the state with 90% of the people who live there on Hous
The prettiest little ski town in North America. Home to Buttermilk, Snowmass, Highlands and AJAX.
The Mile High City located at exactly 5,280 feet above sea level. The capital and largest city of Colorado. Contrary to belief, it is NOT Midwestern but located on the Great Plains
Small city in La Plata county in southwestern Colorado. [The city] was a mining town, and the tourist industry keeps them alive today.
A small mountain town in the western slopes of Colorado that is covered in snow 7 months of the year, and 70 degrees and sunny the rest of the year.
An historic town in Central Colorado located in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. The Arkansas River and the Collegiate Peaks with numerous fourteeners dominate the region.
A small town in Colorado (population 30000+). Known for its drama loving women and over-zealous law enforcement community.
The best place to snowboard in Colorado. No...take that back...the best in the world.
a nice town with a lot of mexicans on the east side and big houses on the west side; 2 well known gangs surenos and nortenos
The most wonderful town in Colorado where the beer flows like wine.
A very awesome place located in Douglas County, Colorado between Denver and Colorado Springs. It is bisected by Interstate 25 and is home to around 50,000 people.
A town in western Colorado, also known as Junktown. Junk meaning mostly Clifton and Orchard Mesa. Don't ever move here!
A small town located in Southern Colorado filled with hicks, rednecks, and hippies.
As close to never-never land as you get. Where adults are forever ski-bums, and kids are raised to love their mountains.
A small town on the western slope of Colorado. Previously known for the highest teen pregnancy rate and a high level of meth-heads.
A town in north East Colorado. Often called stinky farm town or Fort Mexico.
A horrible impoverished town with no opportunities that people return to year after year.

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