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You may know a lot about Parks & Rec, but I can virtually guarantee you don't know all of these.

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The name of the Greek restaurant next to Chris' preferred yoga/meditation studio.
The flute piece that Ron & the Reasonabilists played in the park while waiting for the world to end.
The composer of the aforementioned flute piece.
Dr. Saperstein's lawyer.
The first of the 8 partners' names in the lawfirm in the final season, of which Dr. Saperstein's lawyer is a member.
The second of the lawfirm's names.
The third.
The fourth.
The fifth.
The sixth.
The seventh.
The eighth and final partner in the lawfirm.
Tom says he's good at naming drinks. There's one he named after a rapper using alcohol bought before the factory shut down. What was that drink?
This drink pairs nicely with the previous one (again, according to Tom).
The model of typewriter Ron dug out of the dumpster.
Donna's Perfect Sunday consists of several things. First she goes here:
...then she does this: the end of the day, she plays this: this place:
During their community garden stakeout, Leslie brought a mix CD that was primarily just this artist.
While on that same stakeout, Leslie plays two improvised instruments. Name one.
Tom's birth name.
Name one of the two strip clubs in Pawnee.
On Leslie's practice date with Ann before her real date with Dave, she made notecards with 3 possible conversation topics. Name one.
This athlete ranks a 10 on Ron Swanson's 'scientifically perfect scale of human beauty'.
The name of the bar where Duke Silver lays down his jazz.
Pawnee's Sister City.
Two associates were brought to Pawnee from Venezuela. Name one of their titles.
Leslie had custom hard hats made for when she and Ann filled in the pit. What did Leslie's say?
'Pistol' Pete Disellio is now the regional distributor for what company?
Pawnee's 'Most Bookable Personality'.
The song that said 'bookable personality' sings at the Diabetes Telethon.
When talking to Gryzzl, Ben claims that with their help Pawnee can be the next what?
The gun that Ron gives April for her birthday was a Sig Sauer named after an insect. Which insect?
The name of Ben's stop-motion animation film.
Gerg Pikitis' calling card.
The brand of cookie served at the yearly budget planning meetings.
Jennifer Barkely's wikipedia page has a picture of her doing this really impressive thing.
Dennis Lerpiss of the Pawnee VideoDome offered this horrifying documentary instead of Finding Nemo.
Name one of the two snacks that the Pawnee VideoDome sells.
The loud and annoying TV show that is a favorite of Ron's step daughters.
The gift that Leslie & Ben bought for Andy in Hawaii.
The name of the gun rights activist that runs for city council.
Jerry's controversial painting depicts Leslie as this Greek centaur Goddess.
The accounting firm that keeps trying to hire Ben.
In the Cones of Dunshire, the Hinterlands can only sustain two character types. Name one.
The organization of which Marcia and Marshall Langman are members.
For Councilman Jamm's secession rally, he's pretty sure he has the bass player of a cover band of this glam metal band.
The Department of the Interior's resident 'Bad Boy'.
On her way to negotiate with Jamm, Leslie gets an irregular skirt from this store.
The Simon & Garfunkel song that plays at Andy & April's wedding.
Ben sports a band tee for his 90's-themed birthday party with this band on it.
When he's depressed (or at the unity concert) Ben wears a t-shirt with this band on it.
The local mini golf course that Leslie attempts to save
The name of the woman who waxes Jean-Ralphio.
The OTHER Steven Spielberg-themed restaurant in Pawnee (it didn't last long).
Leslie insists on impersonating this actor in her campaign stump speech.
The name of Jennifer Barkley's hot old English teacher.
According to Ben, this font size is just obnoxious.
Ron Swanson's date to prom when he was 12.

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