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This is the total of all the different species that live in a certain area called?
This is a place where a population/individual organism lives.
Approximately how many species have biologists identified?
What are large ecological regions with characteristic types of natural vegetation and distinctive animals called?
An area in which an organism is unable to tolerate its conditions.
Which organisms breakdown the dead bodies or waste of other organisms?
Which organisms complete the final breakdown and recycling of organic materials from the remains of all other organisms?
Ecosystems cannot survive without __.
Each trophic level in a food chain or food web contains a certain amount of organic matter, what is this organic matter called?
Which habitat has the greatest NPP?
What percentage of the Earth's total potential NPP do humans now use, waste, or destroy?
Which biogeochemical cycle doesn't include atmosphere?
Which form of nitrogen is most unuseable to plants?
What are the nonliving components of a biosphere called?
What are the living and once living components of the biosphere called?
What is the thin spherical envelope of gases surrounding the Earth's surface called?
How organisms are organized based on source of food and nutrients.
What are the complex network of interconnected food chains that organisms form in most ecosystems called?

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