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An idea that has been tested widely, supported by extensive evidence, and is accepted by most scientists in a certain field of study is
What is it called when new information disproves a well accepted theory?
What does the number of protons in an atom represent?
What is formed when an element has varying numbers of neutrons?
What is an atom or group of atoms with one or more net positive/negative charges?
What is the measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution?
Energy input is always __ to energy output
What are the steps of the scientific method?
What are the fundamental substances of matter that have unique sets of properties?
Which distinct pieces of DNA contain instructions for making proteins?
What are the two kinds of energy?
Which law states that energy is neither created nor destroyed?
Which law states that when energy changes from one form to another some usable energy is degraded into lower quality energy?
What is it called when two or more processes interact such that the combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects?
Which feedback loop causes the system to move in opposite directions?
Which feedback loop causes the system to change further in the same direction?
What is the release of nuclear particles and energy from unstable atomic nuclei called?
What is the time required for one half of the atoms of a radioisotope to emit radiation and decay?

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