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Can you name the German History Dates between 1900-45?

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EventYearextra info
Munich PutschAttempted coup by the Nazi's, Hitler arrested
Start of First World WarStarted after Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand's assassination
Nurmeberg lawsAnti-semitic laws
Kellogg-Briand Pact signedPact renouncing war
Second Moroccan CrisisWilhelm used the Panther battleship
The Daily Telegraph AffairMassive foreign diplomatic blunder for the Kaiser
Hindenburg's deathGave Hitler the chance to become Fuhrer
HyperinflationWeimar republic in crisis
Wall Street CrashEnd of the Golden Era
Operation BarbarossaGerman invasion of the Soviet Union
Nazi's win 37.2% of the voteGave the Nazi's the mandate to be in government
Weimar constitution writtenCreated mostly by the SPD
Balkan warsShows unrest in Europe outside Germany
Hitler becomes leader of NSDAPNazi's a fringe party at this time
EventYearextra info
Mein Kampf is first publishedHitler's views are now available to the German public
Zabern AffairShows limitations of Reichstag and army indiscipline
America joins the first world wardue in part to the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare
Annexation of the SudentenlandShows expansionist foreign policy
Dawes plan signedeconomic plan between Germany and the USA
Nazi's gain 18.3% of the voteNazi's become more popular
Olympics are held in BerlinGave Hitler a chance to show the world the greatness of Germany
Britain makes Entente agreement with RussiaSimilar deal made with France in 1904
Hitler becomes ChancellorHitler comes to power after 1932 election successes
Spartacist revoltleft wing revolt put down by military
German invasion of PolandStarts the second world war after UK and France declare war on Germany
Treaty of RapalloTreaty between USSR and Germany that was agaisnt the treaty of Versailes
Second Naval Billfirst one signed in 1897, shows germany trying to rival UK
****-Groener Pactpact between President **** and general Groener
EventYearextra info
First Moroccan crisisKaiser angered the French with his talk of Moroccan independance
Anschluss in AustriaHitler wanted to unite the German people
Hilter kills himselfkills himself as Soviets invade Berlin, ends second world war
Von Bulow resigns as ChancellorMostly due to handling of the Daily Telegraph Affair
Treat of Brest-Litovsk peace treaty as Russia leaves firsrt world war
Enabling actWeimar constitution suspended for four years
Ruhr occupation beginsFranch and Belgian troops occupy the Ruhr as Germany fails to pay reperations
Schlieffen Plan first editedplan for proposed invasion of France, first drawn up in 1897
Treat of VersaillesFirst world war peace treaty, hated by many Germans
Nazi Concordant Showed respect for the Catholic Church as they could have been trouble for the Nazis
Molotov pactSigned with USSR, agreed to divide up Poland
SPD become largest party in ReichstagSPD went on to dominate Germany Politics for many years

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