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Can you name the miami vice guest stars?

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Rev. Billy Bob ProverbTommy Boy's dad
SilkDefinitely doesn't like vampires...and paying taxes
Orlando CalderoneVoice of Sid in Ice Age
Kenneth TogaruServed on the USS Enterprise
Miguel RevillaChracter actor, one of the cooks in Waiting
Jake PiersonHe's 'On the Road Again'
Dr. Theresa LyonsAppeared in Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd
Fast Eddie FelcherSimple Jack
Newton Windsor BladeThe Demon
Christine Von MarburgOne of Don Johnson's real life wives
Valerie GordonFoxy Brown
Jimmy ColeWrote and performed 2 songs for Miami Vice, member of the Eagles
Jimmy BorgesVocal half of a magical duo
Charlie BassetDetroit native who exudes the spirit of the wild
Judge Roger FergusonFormer Boston Celtic, 12 time NBA All Star
Polly WheelerFamous for playing an escort and environmental activist among other roles
Phil MayhewWrote and performed one of the most closely associated songs with Miami Vice
Capt William 'Real Estate' MaynardHelped mastermind Watergate
Eddie KayeHe was a pilot on LOST
Bobby DiazRitchie Valens
Captain HookAppeared on Law & Order SVU and 9 other TV shows as the same character
Prison Guard KellerAccording to the Oracle, his destiny was to find 'the one'
GeorgesAppeared in the first 3 Mission Impossible movies
Sean CarroonJedi who trained Obi-Wan Kenobi
Arthur Lawson/Artie RollinsStar of Married with Children and Modern Family
Tony AmatoAttended a famous holiday party at Nakatomi Plaza
Lou De LongHe feels good
Albert LombardChicago native who later appeared on Law & Order
Mario FuentePerformed with Mothers of Invention
Caitlyn DaviesSang the Bond theme 'For Your Eyes Only'

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