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Hint4-Letter Word
Universal distributive indefinite pronoun
Number in relation to speed of sound
Quantifier pronoun of a large amount
Rubbish, or waste matter
Bobby Darin's 1959 knife
The second gospel
The red planet
Tyler Moore or Todd Lincoln
Countable indefinite pl. pronoun
Horse's head and neck hair
1st pers. sing. possessive pronoun
Place where money is coined
Cloud of tiny water droplets
Indefinite pronoun of greatest amount
Beetle Bailey creator Walker
Indefinite pronoun of additional amount
Achy, in pain
Indefinite assertive existential pronoun
Iditarod goal
Hint4-Letter Word
Indefinite negative pronoun
Skeleton component
MA sound tech company
Miami Heat center Chris
Universal dual indefinite pronoun
Nocturnal butterfly cousin
Glam rock band ____ the Hoople
Subject to debate or uncertainty
Carbonaceous chimney dust
Narrow opening
Venetian blind part
Grand tournament in tennis
Decorative pillowcase
Michael and Ridgeley pop duo
Relative pronoun used for object
Shoe manufacturer McAn
3rd pers. pl. personal pronoun (object)
3rd pers. pl. personal pronoun (subject)
With curds Miss Muffet's food
Hint4-Letter Word
Sharpen a blade
Interrogative pronoun
Demonstrative sing. pronoun
Comparative conjunction
Slim, slender
Demonstrative sing. pronoun
MLB Hall of Famer Speaker
'Very' in Paris
Golf ball holders
Little piggies
High, craggy hills
With 'd'oeuvre' bite-sized snacks
3rd pers. sing. possessive pronoun (fem.)
At this place or position
2nd pers. sing. past tense of 'be'
Item for sale
Armed conflicts between nations
Manual boat propellants
1st pers. pl. possessive pronoun

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