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Can you name the words and names which contain the word 'lip'?

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Flashing point of light on a radar screen representing an object
Instrument for measuring external or internal dimensions
Ancient spiritual leader of Islam, claiming succession from Muhammad
A tall-masted sailing vessel built for speed
When one celestial body blocks the light of another
Oval shape
One hailing from Manila or Quezon City
Marked by disrespectful levity or casualness
Broad flat limb used by various sea animals for swimming
Landing area for rotating blade aircraft
Small rock-dwelling antelope native to southern Africa
Small person of Gulliver's Travels
Any of a group of organic compounds that are insoluble in water
Performing white stallions from Austria
Cosmetic surgical process in which excess fat is removed from under the skin
Flat, rounded candy on the end of a stick
Many-legged invertebrate with an elongated body
In the Bible one of the Pauline epistles consisting of four chapters
A type of screwdriver that fits a cross-shaped socket
To slide unintentionally; lose footing or traction
View or theory that self is all that can be known to exist
Perennial bulbous plant with cup-shaped flowers

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