Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Where Am I? (If I Can Make it There)

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Can you name the four letter words in this location-themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
✦ I'm in the largest US ____ ✦
Issue a traffic ticket
Lo-cal food option
✦ where you can go to the elevated High ____ Park ✦
To eat (formally)
Ten-cent US coin
✦ or rent in the upscale ____ Warner Center ✦
Scholarly book
✦ in this sister city to this European capital ✦
The above city to its residents
✦ where you can visit this home of contemporary art. ✦
Da Vinci's Lisa
Ancient unit of weight and currency
Place of coal extraction
Acceptable; satisfactory
✦ It's the site of the historic ____ of 1835 ✦
Strong, as in a handshake
✦ where you can attend the Tribeca ____ festival. ✦
Use all the space of a container
✦ Its highest point is Todt ____, ✦
✦ and it's the location of Carnegie ____ ✦
✦ as well as the financial district, ____ Street. ✦
Cry of pain or grief
Earn lower than a D-minus on a test
✦ It's the site of the 1939 (and 1964) World's ____, ✦
Twosome, duo
Small bucket
✦ the home of a chapel named after St. ____, ✦
Ancient region of western Europe
Outrageous impudence
Very strong wind
Corduroy ridge
Diminish, decrease
✦ and the base for fashion designer Vera ____. ✦
Hint4-Letter Word
Canadian singer k.d.
✦ It extends onto ____ Island, ✦
Hookah pipe
Agent 007
Affectionate; loving
Nutritious substance
✦ is where Fernando ____ was mayor (mid-1800's), ✦
Sporcle ladder answer
Mineshaft passageway
Avian creature
Inventor of ballpoint pen, László
✦ and is the birthplace of actor Robert De ____. ✦
Fiddling Roman emperor
✦ You can visit the Ground ___ Memorial ✦
Pre-Socratic philosopher
Tonight Show's Jay
Business end of a microscope
Smaller amount
State of untidiness
✦ or take in a game for this MLB team ✦
✦ or a game for this NBA team ✦
Eliot or Loch
Structure for bird eggs
✦ or climb to the 48th floor of the Condé ____ building ✦
✦ or take a ferry on the ____ river. ✦
Absence of difficulty or effort
Duck Dynasty's second son
✦ It's the birthplace of actress ____ Fonda, ✦
Clear window part
Breathe with short, quick breaths
Hair dividing line
✦ and home to 1.317 sq. mile Central ____ ✦
The other white meat
✦ Where am I? New ____, New ____! ✦

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