Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: The Wicked Witch's Warning

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Can you name the three-letter words in this movie quote-themed ladder?

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Hint3-Letter Word
▲ 'I' + 'will' contraction ▲
The whole quantity
To trouble or afflict
Small island
Horse mouthpiece attached to bridle
▲ Obtain, acquire ▲
Precious stone
US donkey party (abbrev.)
Condensed night moisture
▲ Red-berried coniferous tree ▲
Deviate erratically from ship's course
Jaws or throat of voracious animal
▲ With Tai, a tropical cocktail ▲
'Me' in Paris
Hint3-Letter Word
Fermented taro root dish
'The Raven' author Edgar Allan
▲ Previous to, before ▲
Green Day drummer Cool
▲ Golf ball holder ▲
1968 Viet Cong campaign
Explosive yellow compound
Industrious insect
▲ Conjunction of addition ▲
Assistance, support
What has approx. 78% N + 21% O
Evergreen tree with upright cones
At a considerable distance
Average or normal amount
As directed by or stated in
Hint3-Letter Word
▲ 28th letter of Russian alphabet ▲
Until now
Tennis serve that touches net top
▲ Set a candle wick aflame ▲
Research univ. in Cambridge, MA
Former monetary unit of Cyprus
Jazz crooner Tormé
▲ Archaeological mound in Israel ▲
Perfect score in gymnastics
2,000 lbs. (US)
Mafia boss
▲ Canine ▲
Wet muddy ground
Ghostly comment
▲ In addition, also ▲

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