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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder which features characters from 'The Muppet Show'?

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Hint4-Letter Word
⌘ ____ Piggy ⌘
Make untidy (esp. of hair)
To kiss
⌘ ____ of Beethoven ⌘
To bat baseball w/o swinging
Embankment or causeway
⌘ Bobby Benson's Baby ____ ⌘
Shakespeare of Avon
⌘ Righton ____ ⌘
Tie tightly
Swedish opera singer Jenny
⌘ ____ Hogthrob ⌘
Soft tennis shot
Submerge in fluid
⌘ Ronald ____ ⌘
Male deer
Yardbird's guitarist Jeff
⌘ Silver ____ ⌘
Hint4-Letter Word
⌘ Fozzie ____ ⌘
Char surface
Connery or Penn, e.g.
⌘ ____ Mama ⌘
Long, low sound
Planet's natural satellite
Of no consequence
⌘ Blue-haired saxophonist ⌘
Camera varifocal lens
Sound above Mach 1
Italy shape
Rorschach test object
Narrow opening
Make a razor cut
⌘ ____ Wilson ⌘
Shut with force
Shredded cabbage salad
Thoroughbred Seattle ____
Hint4-Letter Word
Lower corner of a sail
Treble or bass notation
⌘ The Swedish ____ ⌘
Nashville guitarist Atkins
Internet discussion
Layer of paint
Aquatic vessel
Rhythmic unit in music
Sweat droplet
⌘ Balloon-____ Conductor ⌘
Perceive audibly
Partridge in this tree
Praise hymn of ancient Greece
Detailed diagram (i.e. blueprint)
⌘ Professor Albert ____ ⌘
National banner
Thrash repeatedly
⌘ Kermit the ____ ⌘

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