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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder based on the TV show 'The Mentalist'?

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Hint4-letter Word
❦ Main character Patrick ❦
Rosebud's Citizen
❦ Kimball Cho actor Tim ❦
Brief, piercing spasm of pain
Computer network connection test
Type of coniferous tree
❦ FBI agent and Lisbon suitor Marcus ❦
Cook by dry heat
Bundle of hay or cotton
❦ Former CBI director Bertram ❦
Scottish novelist or Atlas Shrugged's John
Hanukkah money (chocolate coins)
Courteous, honorable man (abbrev)
Air shaft, duct
With 'cava' a major blood vessel
Hint4-letter Word
❦ FBI rookie Michelle ❦
Very large, huge (as in -hertz, -byte)
HTML doc info tag
German minced raw pork sausage
What a snowball in Hades does
❦ Former CBI agent Grace Van ____ ❦
Jaunty, cheeky
Ernie's muppet pal
Traditional borscht ingredient
❦ Cult leader Stiles ❦
Uncle Remus Rabbit
South African wars between 1880 and 1902
Churlish lout
Benefit, blessing
1993 Johnny Depp movie: Benny & ____
❦ Longstanding nemesis of first rung: Red ____ ❦

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