Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: The Gunfighter Ballad, Part 3

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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder based on a Marty Robbins' song (part 3 of 3)?

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Hint4-Letter Word
♫ And at ____ ♫
Tall post on sailing vessel
Retail center
Female horse
Smallest or slightest
♫ ____ I am ♫
Cattle group
To have embraced or carried
Dante's inferno
♫ on the ____ ♫
Sword handle
Come to an abrupt stop
Archaic of 'have'
Bygone days
♫ overlooking El ____ ♫
Bullfighting maneuver
A stance for having picture taken
Fragrant bloom
♫ I can see ____'s cantina below ♫
Italian capital to its residents
Italian capital to most of us
Rounded building topper
Bird of peace
♫ My ____ is strong and it
pushes me onward ♫
Mythology, legend
To a greater or higher degree
Early part of day
To have cut grass
♫ ____ off the hill to Felina I go ♫
Mend socks
Challenge to act of courage
Grim, or seriously urgent
Hint4-Letter Word
♫ Off to my right I see ____
mounted cowboys ♫
Broadcast as it happens
Distinguishes from inorganic matter
Raise to a higher position
♫ Off to my ____ ride ♫
Abstinent period before Easter
Belly button fuzz
Point connector
Turkish currency
Become stuck in the mud
♫ a dozen or ____ ♫
Apple center
Feel concern or interest
Walking stick
♫ Shouting and shooting,
I ____ let them catch me ♫
Tirade, diatribe
Military personnel status
Framework for storage
♫ I have to make it to
Rosa's ____ door ♫
Illegal pitcher's move
Spherical toy
Hollow metal clanging object
Chop down a tree
♫ Something is dreadfully
wrong for I ____ ♫
Grain and hay for livestock
What is double on oboe, bassoon
Nevada US senator Harry
Leather strap for guiding horse
♫ A deep burning ____ ♫
Small bucket
Funeral cloth
Medicinal tablet taken orally
Untidy heap
Hint4-Letter Word
Conifer type
Trigonometry function
♫ in my ____ ♫
♫ Though I am trying to
stay in the saddle, I'm getting
weary, unable to ____ ♫
♫ But my love for Felina is
strong and I ____ where I've fallen ♫
Deceitful action
Iron oxidizing
♫ Though I am weary I can't
stop to ____ ♫
Pinnacle of quality
Typical borscht ingredient
Car horn sound
♫ I see the white puff of smoke from the rifle, I feel the bullet go
____ in my chest ♫
Regard or consider
To swarm with
Group of competitors on same side
Trolley, cable car
Baby carriage in UK
HS formal dance
♫ ____ out of nowhere Felina has
found me, kissing my cheek as she kneels by my side ♫
Jumping amphibian
Kill with a hand grenade
Boast, gloat
Prison on a ship
Advanced mathematics (abbrev)
Baseball's 'Grey Eagle' Speaker
3 in Spanish
Greek god of war
♫ Cradled by two loving ____
that I'll die for ♫
Points rifle at target
Rapper Shawn or NFL's Chris
Shoot wide of target
♫ One little ____ and Felina,
goodbye. ♫

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