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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder based on a Marty Robbins' song (part 2 of 3)?

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Hint4-Letter Word
♫ ____ for a moment I stood
there in silence ♫
Be obliged to do something
Greatest amount
Of no consequence
Place from which toes protrude
Unwise silly person
♫ Shocked by the ____ ♫
Sides of a square
Gloomy and sullen
One who gets it done
e.g., hart, buck, doe, fawn
♫ evil ____ ♫
Embryonic plant, kernel
Post a letter
Beach grains
Of sound mind
Copenhagen dweller
♫ I had ____ ♫
Skeleton component
Non-cartilaginous fish
Tommy James song: '____ ____'
♫ ____ thoughts raced through ♫
Horse's head and neck hair
Belonging to me
♫ my ____ as I stood there, I had but one chance and that was to run ♫
Air movement
Quickly close and open one eye
Candle part which is lit
Ice cream cone eating method
Not have enough
♫ Out through the ____ ♫
Strong dark beer
Bound reading material
Uncouth person
♫ ____ of Rosa's I ran, out where
the horses were tied ♫
Destruction, ruination
House division
Large wooden cross
♫ I caught a ____ one, it looked
like it could run ♫
Precious metal (Au)
Fungus on food
Gentle, tender
Hint4-Letter Word
5,280 feet
Tyson or Ditka
Approval on Facebook
Lo-cal food option
Religious cermony
♫ Up on its back and
away I did ____. ♫
Remain or stay
Cold, dry wind of southern France
1st, 2nd, and 3rd in MLB
Strike hard and violently
A way to prepare potatoes
Tall sail holder
♫ Just as ____ as I could ♫
♫ from the ____ Texas ♫
Mark left on skin from beating
Suspenders alternative
Jamaican sprinter Usain
Cowboy footwear
What is helpful, beneficial
Bully or thug
Long formal dress
♫ ____ of El Paso ♫
Animated movie (abbrev)
Canadian bird or crazy person
King of the jungle
Waterfall in Scotland
Swedish opera singer Jenny
♫ Out to the bad____s
of New Mexico ♫
Narrow rural road
J-shaped red and white candy
Action in court of law
Assembly of actors and actresses
Time before the moment
♫ Back in El ____ ♫
With Alto Stanford U location
Lacking in color
Corduroy ridge
Clever, devious strategy
Spouse of husband
♫ my ____ would be worthless ♫
Elevator in UK
Hint4-Letter Word
♫ Everything's gone in life;
nothing is ____ ♫
Neatly skillful and quick
Insect repellent
Dark red edible root
Ernie's muppet buddy
Swiss capital
♫ It's ____ so long ♫
♫ since I've ____
the young maiden ♫
Bean, Penn, or Connery
Spanish auto manufacturer
To have mailed
Gone away
Desire, crave
Move hand to and fro in greeting
Wash up
♫ My ____ is stronger ♫
Body of traditions and knowledge
Master or ruler
Place ammunition in firearm
Heavy metal (Pb)
Shakespeare's tragic king
♫ than my ____ of death ♫
Boggy moss
Mountain top
Side benefit at work
Public green used for recreation
♫ I saddled up and away I did go
riding alone in the ____ ♫
Damp, dark, and clammy
Drop shot in tennis
Tattletale, informer
♫ Maybe tomorrow, a bullet
may ____ me ♫
Tie tightly together
Avian creature
Epic-reciting poet
Reddish-brown gemstone
To have spoken
♫ Tonight nothing's worse than
this ____ in my heart. ♫

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