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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder that follows Matthew 1:18-21 (KJV)?

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Hint4-Letter Word
✞ Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this ____:
(Matthew 1:18) ✞
Concealed electronic listening device
Lean, tough, and sinewy
Cautious, on guard
✞ When as his mother ____ was espoused
to Joseph, (1:18)✞
Female horse
Rosalind Russell's or Lucille Ball's 'Auntie' role
✞ before they ____ together, (1:18)✞
Actress Blanchard
Duchess of Cambridge Middleton
Lightweight flying toy held by string
Friends, acquaintances, and relations
✞ she was found ____ child of the Holy Ghost. (1:18) ✞
What may be made on first star seen tonight
Clenched hand
Central idea; the essence
Brief blast of wind
✞ Then Joseph her husband, being a ____ man, (1:19) ✞
To speak or act in a joking manner
Better than good and better
Mrs. Harry Truman
Lowest string instrument
10 in the decimal system
Prepare cookies, cake
✞ and not willing to ____ her a public example, (1:19) ✞
XY gender
Dried barley used in brewing
Turn from solid to liquid
Beef, lamb, pork, e.g.
Spanish auto manufacturer
Suddenly end a fly's life
To influence a vote
✞ was minded to put her ____ privily. (1:19) ✞
Hint4-Letter Word
Amiss, haywire
Spacious; well-ventilated
Boggy, muddy
Actress Sorvino
Hindu goddess of death
Tomb raider Croft
Animal fat
✞ But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel
of the ____ appeared unto him in a dream, (1:20) ✞
Place ammuntion into firearm
Heavy metal (Pb, #82)
Shakespeare's tragic king
✞ saying, Joseph, thou son of David, ____ not (1:20) ✞
Accomplishment of derring-do
Neck opening of a garment
Period of abstinence before Easter
Belly button fuzz
People waiting in a queue
Fermented grape juice
✞ to take unto thee Mary thy ____: (1:20) ✞
Andy's deputy Barney
Raspy tool for smoothing
Heap or mound
Skier's support rod
With 'roly' a pill bug
✞ for that which is conceived in her
is of the ____ Ghost. (1:20) ✞
Result of drilling
Florida State U. athlete (abbrev)
Iditarod finish line
✞ And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt
call his ____ JESUS: (1:21) ✞
Central part of church building
✞ for he shall ____ his people (1:21) ✞
Of sound mind
Trigonometric function
✞ from their ____. (1:21) ✞

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