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Hint4-Letter Word#
★1994 Nick Nolte basketball film: ____ [64]s★
or A primary color
Turn or slide violently 2
Thick nub in yarn 3
Pitcher's rubber on mound4
★1977 Paul Newman hockey film: ____ [61]★5
Exchange, trade6
Suddenly end a fly's life7
Spanish automaker8
Miami NBA team9
Major tennis racquet company10
With 'Thundering,' Marshall mascot name11
★2001 Keanu Reeves baseball film: ____[49]★12
Longtime Steelers' wide receiver Hines13
Wizard's baton14
Natural movement of the air15
★1986 Goldie Hawn football film: ____[40]★16
Semi-Pro and Blades of Glory actor Ferrell17
Use all available space18
★2002 Riley Smith football film: ____ [35]★19
Long-winged, web-footed seabird 20
Bold, impudent behavior21
Noisy outburst of laughter22
★2007 Dwayne Johnson football film: The ____ [57]★23
Trace fastener on draft horse collar24
★1998 Steve Guttenberg soccer film: ____ [53]★25
Capital of Togo26
John Reid's Ranger status27
★1987 William Petersen baseball film: ____ [44]★28
Atlantic cod-like fish29
What may be blue in ice hockey30
★2002 Lil' Bow Wow basketball film: ____ [32]★31
★2002 Lil' Bow Wow basketball film: [31] ____★32
Hint4-Letter Word#
5,280 feet33
Make annoyed or irritated34
★2002 Riley Smith football film: [19] ____★35
Wait, tarry36
Sink one's teeth into37
Small pieces of something38
MLB wooden sticks39
★1986 Goldie Hawn football film: [16]____★40
Australian actress Blanchett41
Walking stick42
Road construction marker43
★1987 William Petersen baseball film: [28] ____★44
What bull would like to do to bullfighter45
Dreadfully dull person46
Tree trunk47
Cotton seed capsule48
★2001 Keanu Reeves baseball film: [12]____★49
God of Elijah's Mt. Carmel opponents50
To swell and become infected 51
Gymnast's balancing structure52
★1998 Steve Guttenberg soccer film: [25] ____★53
Heavy Southeast Asian wood54
Mountain top55
Gold-spotted black fur56
★2007 Dwayne Johnson football film: The [23] ____★57
Make map of proposed construction site58
Secret plan; conspiracy59
Narrow coin opening60
★1977 Paul Newman hockey film:[5] ____★61
Boutique, emporium62
Knifehand strike in karate63
★1994 Nick Nolte basketball film: [1] ____s★
or Wafer of potato or silicon

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