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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder based on the movie 'A Christmas Story'?

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Clue4-Letter Word
❆ 'You'll shoot ____ eye out!'❆
Lemon flavor
Racially motivated insult, slander
Colors smudged together
❆ Nickname for the gun: Ol' ____❆
❆ Get the ____. We're out of ____!❆
Dejected; morose
Squalid part of town
Greenish film on stagnant pool
❆ Yellow-eyed bully Farkas❆
Close a door
❆ Red Ryder 200-____ range model❆
Pig food
Strike with open hand
❆ What kids imagined causes blindness: ____ poisoning❆
Glide on air currents
Char surface
Connery or Penn
❆ Movie based on book by
author ____ Shepherd❆
Crawford, Collins, or Jett, e.g.
1993 movie, 'Benny & ____'
Crazy person or Canadian waterbird
❆ Mother's magazine into which
Ralphie slips gun ad❆
Fish bait locale
Clue4-Letter Word
Some sweatshirts' head covering
❆ What Randy always plays with❆
Major US automaker
Army installation
Diamond used for cutting
❆ Imaginary villain: Black ____❆
Supermarket 'vehicle'
Plaster for setting broken bone
❆ Original book: 'In God We Trust,
All Others Pay ____'❆
TV series set in Korean War
Start sled dogs' engines
Source of creative inspiration
❆ What the old man could replace quicker than a jackrabbit on a date❆
Be furious, enraged
18th c. Scottish philosopher David
Distinctive camel feature
Coal measure in a naughty stocking
Bad, like a punny joke
Small, green citrus
❆ What stretched back to Terre Haute (waiting to see Santa)❆
Long stem of a climbing plant
Bitter liver secretion
Printed statement of charges
❆ Toady Grover❆
Clue4-Letter Word
Human-like toy (e.g., Barbie)
In a fire: stop, drop, and ____
With 'poly' a pill bug
❆ Red Ryder air rifle: the ____ grail
of Christmas gifts❆
Intended destination of golf ball
❆ What Flick stuck his tongue to❆
Tiny skin opening
Unadulterated; 100%
❆ 'Be ____ to drink your Ovaltine'❆
Of a horse, to father offspring
❆ What Ralphie was helping with when he said the really bad word❆
Weight of an unladen motor vehicle
❆ I triple dog-____ you!❆
Copenhagen resident
Diminish, decrease
❆ 'What I ____ for Christmas'❆
Breathe with short, quick breaths
One eighth of a gallon
❆ A ____ nightmare (in rabbit suit)❆
Choose, select
❆ What Randy looked like in his
snow suit (about to pop)❆
Fold under sheet corners
❆ Chinese turkey❆
Twilight, nightfall
❆ The rifle was found behind this❆

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