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✴ ____ as Dell ✴
Cardinal direction toward sunrise
In a race, coming after all others
Cautionary conjunction
✴ The ____ a man can get (Gillette) ✴
Sculpture of head, shoulders, chest
✴ ____ do it (Nike) ✴
To speak in a joking manner
To cease work or movement
Tenant's regular payment
Not straight
Edible root, typically dark red
✴ Where's the ____? (Wendy's) ✴
Coral ridge just below ocean surface
Storage cylinder for film
✴ Sometimes you ____ like a nut (Mounds/Almond Joy) ✴
To provide a meal
Pay attention
Cattle group
✴ What happens ____ stays ____
(Las Vegas) ✴
To employ
Bee home
✴ Is it ____ or is it Memorex? ✴
Old Italian currency
Swampy, boggy ground
Site of ore extraction
✴ A ____ is a terrible thing to waste (UNCF) ✴
Natural movement of air
Magician's rod
✴ Melts in your mouth,
not in your ____ (M&M's) ✴
Not soft
Hospital division
Sentence component
✴ Imagination at ____ (GE) ✴
Jug stopper
Prepare a meal
Peter Pan's nemesis
Vehicle's engine cover
✴ Like a ____ neighbor,
State Farm is there ✴
Precious metal (Au)
To deprive of strength or vigor
To blend, combine
Fermented honey and water
Comprehend written matter
✴ It's the ____ thing (Coca Cola) ✴
Successfully treat a wound
✴ Can you ____ me now?
(Verizon) ✴
Shakespeare's tragic king
Open meadows
Not more
✴ Don't ____ with Texas ✴
Roman Catholic ritual
Narrow route through mountains
Gentle, quick touches
Household animals
Vegetables in a pod
University in Clarksville, TN:
Austin ____
✴ Live in your world, ____ in ours (Sony Playstation) ✴
To violently kill
Strike with the open hand
Swine food
✴ Once you pop, you can't ____ (Pringles) ✴
To store cargo, gear
NBC's Tonight ____
Food (informally)
Hew with an axe
To cut very short
✴ Good to the last ____
(Maxwell House) ✴

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