Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: The Gunfighter Ballad, Part 1

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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder based on a Marty Robbins' song (part 1 of 3)?

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Hint4-Letter Word
♫ Out in the ____ Texas ♫
Mexican currency
♫ town of El ____ ♫
Bullfighting maneuver
Spread asphalt on a road
♫ I fell in ____ with a Mexican girl. ♫
Solo (as in Ranger)
Point connector
Monetary penalty
♫ Nighttime would ____ me in Rosa's cantina ♫
Take care of oneself
Provide nutrition
Astaire, Rogers, or Flintstone
Eagles' guitarist Glenn
Invoke God
♫ Music would ____ and Felina would whirl ♫
Pre-Civil War KY politician Henry
Close-knit and interrelated family
Blue (in color printing)
Actress (and Lakers fan) Cannon
Sociological pair
Dipped in color
To have looked at
♫ Blacker than night were the ____ of Felina ♫
12-24 and 12-31, e.g.
Daredevil Knievel
♫ Wicked and ____ while casting a spell ♫
Nobel Prize chemist Fischer
Hint4-Letter Word
Discharge (esp. gas or radiation)
Dutch for metalworker
Spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs
Hard fat, often as bird food
Song for two singers
Insect repellent
♫ My love was ____ for this Mexican maiden ♫
70's hard rock band Uriah ____
Prison unit
To plaster a roof
Face-concealing cloth
Artery counterpart
♫ I was in love but in ____, ♫
Colorado ski resort town
Wagging part of dog
Of above-average height
♫ I could ____. ♫
Ground water reservoir
Decree of post-death intentions
♫ One night a ____ young cowboy came in ♫
♫ Wild as the West Texas ____ ♫
Fermented grape juice
Having good sense and knowledge
Hopeful desire
Clean with soap and water
♫ ____ing and daring, a drink he was sharing ♫
Plate for food
Electronic info storage device
Short dagger
Hint4-Letter Word
Loose soil or earth
To have encircled with a belt
♫ With wicked Felina, the ____ that I loved ♫
Fish respiratory organ
Bitter bile
Sheehy, Goodrich, or Devers
Increase the amount or rate
Physical suffering or discomfort
Lowest ranking chess piece
Early morning
♫ So in anger I Challenged his right for the love of this maiden, ____ ♫
Actor Michael (Worf of Star Trek)
Was birthed
Former W. German capital
To join by adhesion
Group of marching musicians
♫ went his ____ ♫
Not soft
Rabbit-like mammal
Item for sale
♫ for the gun that he ____ ♫
Body of traditions and knowledge
Score less goals than opponent
Other side of profit statement
♫ My challenge was answered in ____ ♫
Cautionary conjunction
Better than good and better
♫ than a heart____ ♫
Necklace component
♫ The handsome young stranger lay ____ on the floor. ♫

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