Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Guess the Band, XI

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Can you name the four-letter words based on song titles of the band in the last rung?

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Hint4-Letter Word
____ of the World, 1973
'Yes' votes
Malted barley brews
On ship's wind-sheltered side
Soothing liquid-producing plant
Blackthorn berry in gin
With 'foot' having clumsy feet
Stella ____, 1973
Cry uncontollably
Thick, uneven section in yarn
Untidy, slovenly person
One who looks down on lower classes
Round turning handle on a door
I ____ You Rider, 1972
Wintry precipitation
Army food
Road repair team
To have enlarged
Touch of ____, 1987
Hint4-Letter Word
Mix of white and black (US sp.)
Donkey call
Outer layers of cereal grain
Rowan Atkinson's Mr.
Connery, Penn, or Hannity
To have stitched fabric
To have spread seeds
Shake____ Street, 1978
Star Trek's Worf actor Michael
Socially inept person
____ Star, 1968
Mend socks
Small mountain lake
____ On Your Love Light, 1969
Istanbul resident
Push shirttail into trousers
Horse riding gear
____ Straw, 1972
'The Shield' actor Michael
Fine, open fabric
Narrow, rural path
Hint4-Letter Word
Beat It On Down the ____, 1967
Attics of My ____, 1970
Female spouse
Fermented grape beverage
Eat (formally)
He's ____, 1972
Large resonant metal disk
Tet Offensive's Viet ____
NHL playoff ____ Smythe Trophy
McCarthy lawyer Roy
Uncle ____’s Band, 1970
Connect together
Penny, nickel, dime, etc.
Abel's slayer
Box of ____, 1970
Surprise attack
Anabolic supplement (abbrev.)
Goin’ Down the ____ Feeling Bad, 1971
See and comprehend written words
♫ THE BAND: The Grateful ____ ♫

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