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Can you name the four-letter words based on song titles of the band in the last rung?

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Hint4-Letter Word
The Night They Drove Old Dixie ____, 1969
Star Trek Worf actor Michael
Tattered, frayed
4-letter in next column
Acadian Drift____, 1975
Large crucifix
Castle in chess
____ Out Cleveland, 1969
Goods taken in war
Unable to be found
Theme from the ____ Waltz, 1978
Upright post for ship's sails
Halloween face covering
Job, chore
We Can ____, 1968
Illegal pitching move in baseball
What dog may do at the moon
Second gospel
Darkness or thick mist
Hint4-Letter Word
Ankara resident
____ Lura Lural, 1978
Scarlett O'Hara's plantation
Dragon Tattoo girl Rooney
Rag ____ Rag, 1969
Rosalind Russell's 'Auntie' character
Lion's thick head-hair
Curtin, Fonda, or Austen
Get Up ____, 1969 (2000 reissue)
Toothed garden implement
Tears of ____, 1968
Animal enclosure
A Change Is Gonna ____, 1973
Fir tree fruit
Unleavened cornbread
Whispering ____s, 1969
Fork prong
____ to Kill, 1970
Hint4-Letter Word
Small, green citrus
____ is a Carnival, 1971
Small, shrill flute
This Wheel’s On ____, 1968
Former Italian currency (pl.)
Not pre-recorded
Share Your ____ (With Me), 1973
John Reid's ranger status
Katie’s Been ____, 1975
Large clanging metal disk
____ Black Veil, 1968
Large cod-like fish
____ Harvest (Has Surely Come), 1969
Generous, considerate
Georgia On My ____, 1977
Fix, repair
Loan out
The Promised ____, 1973
♫ THE BAND: The ____ ♫

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