Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Guess the Band, IV

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Can you name the four-letter words based on song titles of the band in the last rung?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Comfortably ____, 1979
Stupid, idiotic
City garbage repository
Slightly wet
Female equivalent to Knight
Defy or challenge
Rabbit cousin
Wish You Were ____, 1975
Nothing more nor better than
Mimicked internet concept
Wordless performer
____, 1973 [hours, minutes, etc.]
Large, scholarly work
The Fletcher Memorial ____, 1983
Flexible water conduit
Blocker's Bonanza character
Uncomfortable sleeping place
____ of War, 1987
Cabin building materials
Opposite 'profit' on ledger
____ For Words, 1994
Hint4-Letter Word
Young ____, 1979
Oxidized iron
Cease work to relax
Better than good and better
Dark red edible root
Car horn sound
____ Talking, 1994
Capsize, turn over
Back of foot
Run Like ____, 1979
Aid, assist
Untidy pile
Miami NBA team
Partly decayed vegetable matter
Chart of a piece of land
See Emily ____, 1967
Dense fine-grained earth
Thunderous sound
Cut out newspaper ad
One ____, 1987
Strike with open palm
Hint4-Letter Word
Trade, exchange
Rock back and forth
On the Turning ____, 1987
Amiss, askew
Light and breezy
Lean and strong
Send telegram
Fermented grape beverage
Moon's wax counterpart
What Do You ____ From Me, 1994
Benign viral skin growth
Adult male red deer
Stop suddenly
Clue(do) room
Another Brick in the ____ (Part 2), 1979
Take Up Thy Stethoscope and ____, 1967
Illegal pitching move in baseball
Take It ____, 1994
Congregation of wolves
Select, choose
♫ THE BAND: ____ Floyd ♫

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