Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: En el Fuego

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Can you name the four-letter words in this common bond ladder?

Quiz Updated Nov 28, 2015

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Hint4-Letter Word
☀ Expectorate ☀
Narrow opening
Impoverished neighborhood
Prune starter
☀ Stop a leak ☀
Shell-less gastropod
Smelting waste
Wood strip
Chair or bench
Musical pulse
☀ Water craft ☀
Male pig
Uncouth person
☀ Portal ☀
Terrible fate
Explosion sound
Dolt, idiot
☀ Explosive device ☀
Hair untangler
Free of charge (abbrev.)
☀ Bivouac in a tent ☀
Hint4-Letter Word
Legal action
Soak up sun
☀ Rear portion ☀
Dark lager
Swedish Chef utterance
☀ Labor ☀
Medicinal herb
Military post
River crossing
☀ Timber product ☀
Sentence component
Hospital section
☀ Avian vertebrate ☀
Secure with belt
Cover with gold-plating
☀ Untamed ☀
Devious strategy
Sage and learned
To go up
Fragrant bloom
Hint4-Letter Word
☀ Flexible water tube ☀
Receive dinner guests
Otter den
Narrow passageway
☀ Spherical toy ☀
Written note of fees
☀ Room divider ☀
Corduroy ridge
☀ Reduced price event ☀
Marquis de ____
☀ Flank ☀
Male parent
☀ Certain ☀
Tempt by reward
Crescent figure
☀ Point connector ☀
Fermented grape juice
☀ Electrical conductor ☀

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