Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Meet the Robertsons!

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Can you name the four-letter words in this Duck Dynasty themed word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
◎ Dynasty patriarch ◎
Beach bucket
Funeral cloth
Small medicinal tablet
◎ Patriarch's 3rd son's 2nd son ◎
Crafty, sly
◎ Patriarch's 4th son's 1st daughter ◎
Pleasant vocal inflection
Wither for lack of water
Disneyland founder
Dividing structure
◎ Basis of family business (2nd part) ◎
NASCAR driver Yarborough
◎ Their favorite clothing ◎
Tuning clamp for guitar
Superhero accessory
Birthday dessert
Soft drink: The Real Thing
◎ Patriarch's 2nd son's 2nd son ◎
Burrowing mammal
Hint4-Letter Word
Manner of operating
Green gemstone
◎ Patriach's 2nd son ◎
Emit coherent radiation
Scottish girl
Opposite of more
◎ Patriarch's 4th son's wife ◎
To kid around
Cautionary conjunction
Santa's naughty/nice memo
◎ Patriarch's 1st son's wife ◎
Location of leaning tower
Small rabbit relative of mountains
Predatory freshwater fish
To click approval on Facebook
◎ Patriarch's 3rd son's 1st son's
2nd name ◎
Author Clare Boothe
Mussolini, Il ____
◎ Basis of family business (1st part) ◎
Ship's floor
Hint4-Letter Word
◎ Their self-description:
Red____ ◎
Jonas, Saban, or Nolte
Choose an option
Bird beak attack
Quick glimpse
◎ Patriarch's 2nd son's 1st son ◎
Legal property title
Comfort food chef Paula
'Coming Home' actor Bruce
Swiss capital
German-British physicist Max
Sen. McCarthy lawyer Roy
◎ Patriarch's 3rd son's 1st son's
1st name ◎
Mommie Dearest's Crawford
Tennis' Billie ____ King
Ancient Greek hymn of praise
Detailed diagram; i.e. blueprint
◎ Patriarch's 1st son ◎

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