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Hint4-Letter Word
❍ CREATE: 'Create a New ____' ❍
To domesticate
❍ LEADERBOARDS: 'Most Plays - All ____' ❍
Scrabble game piece
❍ FAQ: 'Is there some kind of guide
or help ____ for creating games?' ❍
To un-hire
Situated in front
Knife and spoon companion
❍ FAQ: 'How does this whole challenge thing ____ anyway?' ❍
Medicinal herb
Beetle Bailey creator Walker
❍ RESULTS: 'Below are the ____ and least
guessed answers to the given questions' ❍
Dampness, mildew
❍ PLAY (category): '____ for Fun' ❍
To kid around
That's life: ____ la vie!
Outer garment
Water vessel
Male pig
Glide high on thermals
❍ STUDY GUIDES: 'Give your brain a chance
to process and ____ in what you have learned' ❍
Foot garment
Mark or scar in skin
The other white meat
USB opening
Jaunty, cheeky
Ernie's Muppet friend
❍ CHALLENGE: 'Invite your friends to play
this game and ____ your score' ❍
Animal flesh for eating
❍ FAQ: 'What does Sporcle ____?' ❍
College head
Hint4-Letter Word
Perceive sound
Untidy pile
British band Uriah ____
❍ FAQ: 'Can I ____ track of how I do on the quizzes?' ❍
To capsize
Fishing rod partner
Double on oboe, bassoon
❍ FAQ: 'I don't have a Sporcle account, do I ____ one?' ❍
East Indian tree
Regard or consider
Insect repellent
Result of hail hitting car
Sharply curved
❍ APPS: 'We've updated the App Store’s leading trivia app
and made the ____ even better!' ❍
Blog entry
Situate for photo
❍ FAQ: 'What's the 'Daily ____'?' ❍
Symbolic bird of peace
Wendy's founder Thomas
❍ DISCOVER: 'Games contributed by Sporcle users
which ____ not been verified' ❍
To have lifted
❍ LIVE TRIVIA: 'We are the ____ of the $13,000
Cash Prize Pool Free Trivia League' ❍
❍ STUDY GUIDES: 'It's also a good idea
to ____ back every day' ❍
Carbon residue left after combustion
Angel food or upside down
❍ FAQ: 'How do I ____ a Slideshow quiz?' ❍
Marriage partner
Satisfy fully
❍ FAQ: 'How do I embed a Sporcle quiz
on my blog or ____?' ❍

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