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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder which contains retired and current Baskin Robbins flavors?

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Hint4-Letter Word
☺ ____ Berry Strawberry ☺
Hitchcock actress Miles
Wife of Zeus
☺ ____ Comes the Judge ☺
C. S. Lewis' '____ Christianity'
Not less
☺ Apple Pie a la ____ ☺
☺ ____ with Snickers ☺
☺ Candi-____☺
Female equivalent of knight
☺ Dating ____ ☺
Gifted, presented
To wash
☺ ____ Potion #31 ☺
Small sheltered bay
Cryptic language system (e.g., Morse)
Part of stem where leaf grows
Moves head up and down
Zeus, Ares, and Poseidon
☺ Pop ____ the Century ☺
3rd pers. sing. of 'do'
Sleep in rough conditions (UK)
Sporcle's Daily ____
Rounded roof
US 10-cent piece
☺ Hold That ____ ☺
Thumbs up on Facebook
Superior, Huron, or Erie, e.g.
☺ America's Birthday ____ ☺
Lawyer's action
Plaster broken bone protector
☺ ____ Mango in Paradise ☺
Grocery items written down
☺ Shamrock Mint ____ ☺
Sail holder on boat
Hint4-Letter Word
☺ The ____ 'Somebody Stop Me'☺
Soak up sunshine
Lowest stringed instrument
Narrow mountain route
☺ ____ 'n Boots Chocolate Mousse ☺
Wordplay jokes
Kick a football on 4th down
☺ Banana ____ ☺
Tiered bed
Slang for US dollar
☺ Quarter____ Crunch ☺
Storage framework
☺ ____ 'n Pop Swirl ☺
Knit footwear
Under the weather
Choose, select
☺ ____ Bubblegum ☺
Chain unit
Taste ice cream
To not have enough
☺ ____ Lemon Ice ☺
Athletic type
Boat mooring place
Socially inept person
Star Trek's 'Worf' actor Michael
☺ First ____ Fudge ☺
Urban area smaller than a city
Conservative party member (UK)
☺ ____ the Tiger Swirl ☺
☺ ____ Toon Crunch ☺
Pointy fork prong
Financial penalty
☺ Huckleberry ____ ☺
Southern store chain (with -Dixie)
Air current
Hint4-Letter Word
☺ ____ 'n Reckless ☺
What can be done to a lily
☺ ____ Medal Ribbon ☺
Do origami
Major US automaker
Master, deity
☺ WhYte 2K Chocolate Over____ ☺
☺ Rocky ____ ☺
Peruse a book
Char surface
Prophet, fortune teller
Leak through slowly
Stair tread
☺ Can't ____ the Nuts ☺
Market, store
Nautical vessel
☺ Chocolate ____ Cookie Dough ☺
Cut off or trim
Gumby's composition
☺ Triple ____ ☺
Austin ___ Univ. (TN)
Boggy moss
Jaunty and vivacious
Not the whole
Pointed hand-thrown missile
☺ ____ 'n Worms ☺
Grim and serious
Swampy bog
Ore extraction site
☺ Merry ____☺
Eighth of a gallon
'Moneyball' actor Brad
Greek pocket bread
☺La Dolce ____ ☺

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