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Can you name four-letter words in this geography-themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
❆ I'm where the earth's ____ intersects its surface, ❆
Chopping tools
Greek god of war
'Very' in Marseilles
Golf ball holders
Oolong, Earl Grey, and Masala chai
Sports squad
Cable car, trolley
❆ . . . at the goal of Amundsen's ____ expedition, ❆
Org. of male college students (abbrev.)
Guitar neck divider
❆ . . . at an elevation of 9,301 ____, ❆
Cloth of rolled, pressed wool
❆ . . . where the snow does not ____, ❆
Animal flesh eaten as food
❆ . . . because of an annual ____ temperature of -56° F. ❆
Give birth to a lamb or kid
❆ I'm where the sun rises once per ____, ❆
Animal on California state flag
Tusked Eurasian wild pig
Unrefined, ill-mannered person
Derisive chants at sports event
CEO, perhaps
❆ . . . 300 miles south of the ____ Ice Shelf, ❆
Civil rights activist Parks
Italian capital to Italians
Hint4-Letter Word
Form of facial gangrene
❆ . . . at the goal of Scott's Terra ____ expedition, ❆
Main river of St. Petersburg (Russia)
Mythical Irish warrior of Samhain night
Fiddling Roman emperor
❆ . . . at latitude ninety south, longitude ____. ❆
Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher
Lottery or bingo-like casino game
Tropical tree resin used in tanning
❆ I'm on a plateau first named after ____ Edward VII, ❆
Microsoft search engine
Sudden loud noise
Group of musicians
Shakespeare of Avon
❆ . . . and a place reached in 1929 by Adm. Richard ____, ❆
Cow barn
Ancient stringed instrument
Former Italian currency (pl.)
❆ . . . where there is virtually no natural ____, ❆
Mayberry deputy Barney
Wear down, become exhausted
❆ . . . and no solar ____. ❆
Large, scholarly work
Lacquered, decorative tinplate
❆❆ Where am I? I'm at the sunny South ____! ❆❆

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